Alastair Farrugia - academic matters

    I completed my PhD in the Department of Combinatorics and Optimization at the University of Waterloo, in May 2003; my supervisor was Bruce Richter. My doctoral studies were paid for by a Canadian Commonwealth Scholarship provided by the Canadian government. I obtained my B.Sc. (Math and Computing) from the University of Malta. I also did my M.Sc. there, in the Department of Mathematics, with Stanley Fiorini.

[1] Factorizations and characterizations of induced-hereditary and compositive properties. (with Peter Mihˇk, R. Bruce Richter, Gabriel Semanisin) Journal of Graph Theory 49(1): 11-27 (2005), and erratum to last author's name: Journal of Graph Theory 50(3): 261 (2005)
[2] Dually vertex-oblique graphs Discrete Mathematics 307(11-12): 1323-1331 (2007)
[3] Vertex-partitioning into fixed additive induced-hereditary properties is NP-hard Electr. J. Comb. 11(1): (2004)
[4] New results on generalized graph coloring (with V.E. Alekseev and Vadim V. Lozin) Discrete Mathematics & Theoretical Computer Science 6(2): 215-222 (2004)
[5] Additive induced-hereditary properties and unique factorization (with G. Arkit, P. Mihok, G. Semanisin and R. Vasky) (2003 - unpublished)
[6] Orientable convexity, geodetic and hull numbers in graphs Discrete Applied Mathematics 148(3): 256-262 (2005)
[7] The convexity spectra of graphs (Li-Da Tong, Pei-Lan Yen, Alastair Farrugia) Discrete Applied Mathematics 156(10): 1838-1845 (2008)

Manuscripts and Projects
[9] (15pp.) Regular self-complementary graphs (with B. Radhakrishnan Nair and Ambat Vijayakumar) (2001)
[10] (18 pp.) Clique-Helly graphs and hereditary clique-Helly graphs. (a survey drawn up for a course I took in Algorithmic Graph Theory) (2002)

Theses (M.Sc. and Ph.D.)
[11] (xvi + 254 pp.) Self-Complementary Graphs and Generalisations: a Comprehensive Reference Manual (1999) in .pdf (1.3 MB) or .ps (2.0 MB)
[12] (xiv + 114 pp.) Uniqueness and complexity in generalised colouring. (2003) in .pdf (0.8 MB) or .ps (1.3 MB)

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